Dorena is an exclusive and luxury French cosmetics brand, which embodies an ageless and splendid lifestyle; this “provocative” and sexy yet still extremely elegant style releases rebellious, highly aristocratic energy.

Our goal is to create the conditions for the beauty and success of a woman thereby becoming her destiny and the triumph of her life!

Professional cosmetics products by Dorena Cosmetics help to regain and preserve the youthfulness of the skin thanks to cutting edge technologies, valuable ingredients and innovative methods – it is a cosmetic alternative to the most advanced medical problems of ageing.

French laboratory studies have led to a better understanding of skin biology and the environmental effects on the skin, providing natural resources for the long-term preservation and more optimal appearance of the skin. To restore and maintain the quality of facial skin, Dorena Cosmetics offers a full range of anti-ageing skin care products containing amino acids, which promote collagen production, vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and gold that enhance the life processes and stimulate energy production in every cell of the skin.

Dorena Cosmetics contains all the necessary nutrients for the skin, which fight the signs of ageing by strengthening the supporting fibres of the skin. The result is more youthful skin of better quality, fewer wrinkles, improved elasticity, shine, smaller pores and a fresher appearance.

We have made our dream come true by discovering the formula of woman's beauty!