Precious Gold Peel-off mask


Precious gold peel-off mask (90 g)

The mask Precious Gold is used for an antiageing care. Together with activator, the paste becomes very smooth and sets after few minutes. The mask is removed as a second skin. We selected the best grade of alginate (guluronic), which makes very strong bounds and facilitate to remove the mask in one peace. The mask is rich with vitamin B and AHA to energize the skin and boost the cellular turn over.

Noble properties
Champagne extract combined with fruit acid (AHA) is known for helping skin cells renewing, active polyphenols with protective and antioxidant properties and numerous trace elements extracted from grapes. Micronized pearls have substantive effects on the skin by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, by firming, toning, and illuminating the skin.

Directions for use: Pour the activator in the jar and stir vigorously for 30 seconds. Apply it on the skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Then remove it as a second skin.

Main active ingredients:

Micronized pearls

Champagne extract



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