Gold Massage Honey


Gold massage honey (500 ml)

One massage honey for 3 different textures
This body massage honey, rich in gold nacres has been specially elaborated for long lasting massage: its texture glides onto the skin and turns into three different textures – from a thick micro emulsion similar to honey, it turns into melting gel, then in a milk emulsion – for a unique professional massage. Rich in Caviar extract, this massage honey releases its benefits and leave a silky skin.

Contains Caviar Extract
The Caviar extract is rich in Vitamins A, D, B, in trace elements and in essential amino acids. These ingredients activate the process of skin cells regeneration and have a powerful anti-ageing action by contributing to the rebalancing of the skin hydrolipidic layer. Caviar is a key ingredient for the skin cells regeneration.

Directions for use: Apply on dry skin on body/face. Proceed to massage. At the end of it, by adding water, the honey turns into milk, easy to rinse.

Main active ingredients:

Caviar extract

Vegetal oils

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