Blue Gold Anti-Acne Serum


Blue Gold Anti-Acne Serum 

    A serum for oily skin
    Thanks to its aqueous and velvet texture, this anti acne serum will let a moisturizing sensation while fighting the sebum secretion and the shiny look. Its cocktails of more than 10 active compounds will act on most of the aspect of acne but in respect of your skin pH and sensibility.

    A combination of 10 actives
    This specific cocktail will diminish oily and shiny skin appearance through a reduction of sebum production. It will, as well, prevent acne formation by anti-sebum and anti-inflammatory effects. 3 targets are selected: anti-inflammation, anti microbial activity and sebum secretion After 4 weeks it will reduce the total acne by 40%

    Directions for use: Face has to be cleansed before the use of this serum. Apply in the morning and evening a small amount onto your face skin with circular motions which helps the ingredients penetrate.

    Packaging: Packaged in 30ml high quality glass bottle. Manufactured in France.

    Main active ingredients:
    Blue gold
    Azelaic Acid
    Wild Yam

    Ingredient list


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