Gold Facial Lotion


Gold facial lotion (200 ml)

A precious lotion with regenerating powers
This precious facial lotion, contains active ingredients known for its high regenerating power for anti-ageing action in order to reveal beauty and to give the skin a precious treatment. Thanks to a synergy between the champagne grape leaves extract and the pearl extracts, its velvety care moisturizes and smoothes the skin while helping to restore its youth.

A precious cleanser with champagne extract
Champagne extract is naturally rich in active ingredients which clean softly the epidermis from excess sebum as well as make-up traces while leaving the skin moisturized. The extract combines fruits acids (AHA) known for its cleaning and skin-cells renewing properties, active polyphenols with protective and antioxydant properties for a restauration of the hydrolipidic skin-film and numerous trace elements extracted from grape leaves for a youthful glow.

Directions for use: On a clean face, apply in the morning and/or evening a small amount onto your face or a cotton pad and clean your face with circular motions which helps the ingredients to penetrate. After few minutes, rinse the cleanser with warm water and cold water at the end for poreclosing.

Main active ingredients:
Champagne extract
Grape leaves extract
Pearl powder extract

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