Gold Anti–Ageing Serum


Gold Anti – Ageing Serum 

Serum 30ml

A luxury anti-ageing care 
This exceptional serum provides skin with its effective age-fighting benefits, ensuring a good hydration and a better firmness, thanks to the collagen synthesis. Its delicate texture and its gold colour transform the care in a luxurious moment and an absolute delight.  

An innovative process for an exceptional care
The main active components is a complex of two natural ingredients: From an Andean Tree and from a Marine Seaweed, developed through an innovative technological process, designed to prevent and reduce skin wrinkles. This complex has a prolonged-delivery technology, thus sequentially releases the marine active components. The dermal metabolism is stimulated leading to an improvement of skin firmness, moisturization and elasticity. This serum is the perfect anti-ageing care.

Directions for use: Face has to be cleaned before the use of this serum. Apply in the morning and evening a small amount onto your face skin with circular motions which helps the ingredients to penetrate.

Packaging: Packaged in 30ml high quality glass bottle. Manufactured in France.

Main active ingredients:
24 Carat Gold
Hyaluronic Acid
Tara Gum
Ulva Compressa

Ingredient list

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