Gold body scrub


Gold body scrub (1kg)

This Body Scrub is gold shimmering mixed with high quality active ingredients and subtle sensual amber accents. The texture glides smoothly on skin’s surface to gently exfoliate. Rich in Caviar extract, Golden Jojoba Oil and in Grape Seed Oil, natural moisturizers for the skin, this body scrub releases its numerous benefits and softens the skin by the gentle exfoliation of Sugar Cane.

Contains Caviar Extract
Caviar Extract is very rich with vitamins A, D, B and trace elements as well as amino acids. Those ingredients intensify the processes inside the skin cells and at the same time slow down the aging process by moisturizing. Caviar is a key ingredient to skin cell regeneration.

Directions for use: On moistened or dry skin, apply the body polish to the entire body. Use it in circular motion. Rinse under the shower. The skin becomes soft and radiant.

Main active ingredients:

Jojoba seed oil

Vitis vinifera seed oil 

Sugar cane

Caviar extract

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