Black Orchid hand cream


Black Orchid hand cream (500 ml)

This nourishing and velvety hand cream offers immediate hydration and protection of the skin and provides lasting comfort thanks to moisturizing complex and the shea butter that it contains.


The Black Orchid moisturizing complex integrates Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) in its formulation. Thanks to its natural affinity to the skin, it enhance and maintain the skin natural moisturizing capability by attracting water molecules.

Deep hydration: The Black Orchid moisturizing complex acts to different levels of skin to offer a long lasting moisturization. It creates a protective film on surface that preserves the skins elasticity and firmness and deeply hydrates the skin by penetrating into the epidermis. The skin is soft and replumped.

Sensitive skin: The Black Orchid moisturizing complex is suitable for sensitive and irritated skin type and contains active ingredients with soothing and healing properties.

Black Orchid oil extract: Antioxidants and minerals contained in the Black Orchid give it extraordinary properties. Highly hydrated and smoothed,
the skin is protected against free radicals and the skin ageing is slowed down.

Directions for use: Apply a dab of cream and gently massage the back and the palms of the hands.

Main active ingredients:


Sodium hyaluronate

(HMW and LMW)


Black Orchid oil extract

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