Tips and Tricks on Protecting Your Skin in the Fall and Winter

Your fall and winter skincare routine should be filled with products that help to keep your skin plump and moisturized as the cold weather can get harsh on Your skin.

Use hydrating creams and serums daily

Meet our Pink Gold Moisturizing Serum that we highly recommend using daily to keep Your skin glowy and hydrated even in the coldest of times!

Our Pink Gold Moisturizing Serum


This pearly pink serum is a deep drink of moisturization. Its silky texture brings comfort to the most dehydrated and tired skin. As dew drops, this oily serum protects and totally rehydrates for a skin full of vitality. We don't recommend this serum for oily skin.

Directions for use: Face has to be cleansed before the use of this serum. Apply before or together with your favorite moisturizing cream. Apply in the morning and evening a very small amount onto your face skin with circular motions which helps the ingredients to penetrate. 

Try Avoiding very hot and Steamy Showers and Baths 

As much as we all love a warm soak in the winter try to avoid long and hot showers or baths as they can dry out Your skin even more by stripping off important oils from Your skin. If you can't say goodbye to Your steamy showers and baths, a great tip is to try to reduce the time You are showering or bathing, it helps to save the water too. Especially then you can be more environmentally friendly too.

Stay Hydrated

While we are on the topic of water - don't forget to drink plenty of it. It keeps not only your body healthy and hydrated but your skin too. Drinking lots of water can also help to improve Your skin, it helps the body to flush out toxins and makes Your skin visibly healthier by improving Your skin tone and preventing acne and even premature aging. But remember drinking too much can be not healthy too. Our suggestion stay hydrated but smart idea is to drink when you really want it.

Use Sunscreen

It may sound funny at first but sunscreen is not meant for summer only. Sunscreen has many benefits. First of all - it protects our skin from the sun. By protecting our skin from the sun, sunscreen helps to prevent discoloration and dark spots from sun damage therefore giving You a more even skin tone and a smoother and healthier skin.

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