5 Common Mistakes in Your Skincare Routine


1. You are not removing Your make up fully


A lot of daily makeup users are prone to this mistake.You shouldn't rush the makeup removing process. You should take Your time with it and be patient and careful. By not removing all of the makeup You are doing damage to Your skin - it is not getting the time to breathe. Not removing the products fully can lead to acne and pimples too, therefore You should always remove make up to the point where Your makeup removing wipes or cotton pads are white and with no trace of makeup.

2. You are not double cleansing Your face


This is the best way to get rid of all of the makeup remains, oils, dirt, bacteria and sweat that have built up on your face while You've been busy during the day. If You want to be 110% sure that Your skin is completely clean and fresh You should always double cleanse. Double cleansing also helps to prevent breakouts and acne.

3. You are rubbing product into Your skin


Rubbing products into Your skin won't make them work better and absrd faster. It actually does more damage than good. By rubbing the product into Your skin You are stretching Your skin which can lead to premature wrinkles, the harsh rubbing can als irritate Your skin if it's extra sensitive. You should always lightly massage the product into Your skin by gentle strokes.

4. You are over exfoliating


You should always remember that the skin on Your face and neck is very delicate. You can easily irratate Your skin if You are using harsh scrubs daily as scrubs are meant to be used 2-3 times max per week. 

5. You are not changing Your pillowcase enough


This may seem weird at first but Your pillowcase is an important part in Your skincare routine. If You are not washing off Your makeup properly Your pillowcase can get dirty quite fast which can lead to breakouts and acne. You should change Your pillowcase every few days.


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